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by Barb Ignatius


“Here are some of the exciting new photography events we have added”


At the end of the Morro Photo Expo 2010, we sent a survey out to participants to gauge their  interest in other topics for 2012.  Here are some of the exciting new photography events we have added based upon your feedback.

Bird photography – in addition to our guest headliner, Arthur Morris, we’ve added several additional classes and walks on bird photography.  Artie will also offer Photoshop for Bird Photography and the Master Class field experience on Sunday.  Rich Hansen, a hit from last year, will offer his expertise in a classroom and field setting.

Wildflowers – several new field walks have been added focusing on wildflowers from resident experts, Marlin Harms, Bill Bouton, Jerry Kirkhart and Nan Calora.

Travel photography – Michael Mariant will be delivering his unique perspective to understanding the culture and people of an area before you take the shot in his highly informative lecture on “Cultural Photography for Today’s Camera-Toting, Web-connected Travelers“.  Also, Michael Dolivek’s passion for Bali, Indonesia gives focus to a talk Saturday night.

Technology updates – for those of you interested in the buzz on new technology, check out the workshops on Social Media: Go Viral – “From Unknown to National Geographic in 34 Days!and “Web Now!”  – a hands on approach to building your own webpage from start to finish during the class, and iPhone photography.  Additionally, many classes are available on post-processing, for beginners to experienced photographers.

More Portfolio reviews – you loved the idea of getting feedback on your photos and we heard the comment over and over again – More Time!  We responded with five portfolio classes.  We have incorporated them into a group setting so not only do you get feedback on your work, but you will also be able to listen to an expert and learn how to critique others.  Classes will be limited in size for a non-threatening, intimate setting.

We are excited about this year’s Morro Photo Expo and we hope that you will be too! Morro Bay is truly one of the great locations for nature and travel photography. Registration begins online at this website on December 1, 2011. Please bookmark this address for further announcements. You can also send us email at

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Come Photograph The Wildflowers

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by Nan Calora


“While most people think of Morro Bay as the town with “The Big Rock,” it also has many beautiful places to hike and discover beautiful wildflowers.”


In past years, the Morro Photo Expo has been held in October, which is a beautiful time of year.  However, our Expo has been moved to March which opens up even more photo opportunities.  One of these is wildflower season and the Central Coast is a wonderful place to photograph them.

Tidy Tip (left), Baby Blue Eyes (right) by Marlin Harms

This year we are pleased to announce two wildflower workshops in two different and unique locations. One will be near the Coast and one in the Carrizo Plains area, each unique in it’s own way.

The Carrizo Plains area is a very special location with it’s own unique feel. In the stark landscape of Eastern San Luis Obispo County, each year this magical place comes alive with carpets of beautiful flowers.  Whether you are shooting in the valley with fields of tidy tips, goldfields and baby blue eyes, or the Temblor mountain range with poppies, lupines and desert candles, it is a sight to behold.

While wildflower season is a favorite time of year, the Carrizo Plains area has other wonderful opportunities year round. Other features include a hike to the San Andreas Fault and Soda Lake where you can photograph from the boardwalk or the vista outlook.  There are also many birds and wild animals – burrowing owls, Tule elk and bobcats to name a few. The drive out offers many back roads with beautiful flowers too! Shell Creek road has been a local favorite for years. If you have never been to the Carrizo Plains and surrounding area, you are in for a treat

Vernal Pool at Carrizo Plains by Bill Bouton

The coastal area near Morro Bay is the location of our second workshop.  This will offer an entirely different landscape with it’s own unique flowers. This area has many diverse landscapes with a variety of wildflowers.  Depending on Mother Nature, here are a few flowers you may see along the way – chocolate lilies, trillium and California peonies.

While most people think of Morro Bay as the town with “The Big Rock,” it also has many beautiful places to hike and discover beautiful wildflowers.  Such places include Montana de Oro and the Elfin Forest, not to mention wonderful trails that have vistas of the area such as Black Hill and Coon Creek trail.

Chocolate Lilly (left) by Jerry Kirkhart, Wildflower & Bee (right) by Nan Calora

Our Instructors, Bill Bouton, Marlin Harms, Jerry Kirkhart and Nan Calora, all have a passion for photographing wildflowers. They will show you some of their favorite spots along with sharing their photographic expertise.

Check our web site often as we are frequently updating it with information.  We will also be posting more info about the leaders and workshop descriptions for these two courses in the near future.
We hope to see you at the Expo!   March 30-April 1, 2012

For more information on places listed above see the following:

Montana de Oro:

Carrizo Plains web site:

Some hiking trails in the Morro Bay area:

Elfin Forest:

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