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By Jerry Kirkhart


“unique opportunity to come in contact with some of the most amazing animals on earth”


Virg’s was founded in 1954 and has been taking people out in the ocean for both sport fishing and whale watching since that time.  They know all the spots to look for in order to photograph Marine life such as Whales, Dolphins, Birds, Otters, etc.   Virg’s has developed a special trip just for the MPE photographers, including an expert in Marine Life who will be pointing out everything you will see on your adventure.

It is always a “treasure hunt” and you never know what you will discover.   Killer whales have even been seen and photographed off our shores this year!  Gray, Blue, Humpback, and Minke whales are more common in these waters.  Rouvaishyana, your guide from the State parks, will help you identify each species and give you detailed information about what you will see on the trip.  He has led many trips, sharing his knowledge about the oceans and organisms that live in the sea.  He will have field guides, books and models to show you along the way. Getting the best photos is about understanding animal behavior and preparing yourself to capture that special moment.

Humpback Whale

Recently, there has been significant activity and several whales have been sited every time they go out! This is a unique opportunity to come in contact with some of the most amazing animals on earth.   It is a thrill to listen to them and to be close enough to photograph at the same time.

The class runs from 9-12 on Sunday, April 1st.   However, you need to meet at Virg’s office on 1169 Market Street by 8:30AM!   To get there, go down Main Street in Morro Bay and turn toward the ocean on Beach Street.  Continue for two blocks and turn right on Market Street.

At Virg’s, you will fill out some paperwork then head down to the pier for departure. The boat will leave promptly at 9:00AM. If there are questions, please contact Virg’s at 805-772-1222.

Blue Whale

Enjoy your adventure and get some great whale and marine shots. Here are a few photos taken in the central coast area. For more information go to to sign up for this unique photo opportunity.

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